We are looking for Hollywood!!!

ハリウッド映画また日本の映画に使ってもらいたい。 In 2020, the world has changed dramatically. Our brand started in 2001 on Big Island with a theme of Golden Era of vintage aloha shirts in 1950`s. Is it possible to make aloha shirts the way they were used to be made? – I wonder. That meant to print fabric in Japan, ship and sew them in the Factory in Hawaii. The goal was to make aloha shirts that are genuinely made in Hawaii. Business is certainly important, but above that we cannot forget the local culture. We have been making aloha shirts with this philosophy for 19 years. 2020 – as much as people cannot travel, we cannot be waiting for customers to come to our stores. This means the end of the us. The only way for us to get over this, is exporting our high-quality aloha shirts to mainland US, Europe, and Asia. We will work towards this transition as a goal. Also we are looking for Hollywood. Movie costumes are also available.



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