EAGLE(Navy) KB022006NV

This is the motif of Japanese pattern was rare eagle. Many number of colors in the design, such as ink painting.

The History of Kona Bay Hawaii

Kona Bay Hawaii was established in 2001 on the Big Island.

Authentic Hawaiian aloha shirts that are made in Hawaii were getting hard to find. The early aloha shirts were created by Japanese immigrants to the islands. The shirts were originally made from kimono and kimono cloth from Japan.

The aloha shirts produced  from 1930 to 1955 were very high quality, and are now prized by collectors. KC Kiuchi  the founder of Kona Bay Hawaii is an avid collector of classic Hawaiian aloha shirts. It was his dream to recreate the quality and style of the aloha shirts from the 1930’s through the 1950’s. During this period the majority of cloth for aloha shirts came from Japan. In 2004 Kona Bay Hawaii began to use cloth discharge printing. This process prints the design on both side of the cloth. We use high quality double stitching and  all of our buttons are made from oyster shell just as the shirts were in this classic period. Kona Bay Hawaii’s concept is recreating Hawaiian shirts from a classic era with the style and quality of handmade shirts.

All of our cloth designs are printed in Japan and shirts are sewn here in Hawaii. The process of creating our shirt is very time consuming but the finished  product is a labor of love.

We hope you enjoy wearing this shirt as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

Aloha and Mahalo!

OriginMade in Hawaii
Type Open Collar 
Fabric Rayon 100%
Notes - The actual shirt color may differ from the images.
- Each shirt's position of the pattern may NOT be same.
- Depends on characteristic of the fabric, the size may differ from the chart above.
- You can NOT choose the label.
- We do NOT accept returns.
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